SSL Encryption: ENABLED

Monitoring: Disconnected

IP Address:

Cache Size: 17M

Uptime: 717 days, 13:35

Service ID: 29E4020-VM

Data Served: 139.15 GiB

Data Consumed: 10.97 GiB

Cache Rate: 100%

Media Updates: Dynamic

Update Mode: CacheAhead

If you are seeing this page, then your Media Appliance is up and running! Edgenuity courses will pull media from this appliance to save on bandwidth use, improve load times and boost website responsiveness.

To verify that media is accessible from this appliance, click Play on the video below. If you see the video playing, then media is being served successfully from your Media Appliance. If anything seems wrong, please don't hesitate to contact us (Click "Contact Edgenuity" for contact information).

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Tech Installation Guide
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SSL Setup Guide
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